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I'm the single mom of a child on the autism spectrum. My entire life is about advocating for him and making his life everything it can be. In my spare time, well, I take care of his adorable spaniel named Kirby and try to work a bit, I'm a voice improvement coach and theatre director by trade.

Fitting In

I guess it’s only fitting that my life is centered around autism. I find that my son’s greatest struggle is to fit in. Maybe that makes me autistic as well b/c I’ve never, ever felt that I fit in. It … Continue reading

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I’ve been feeling quite sad for four days or so now.  That is not the norm for me and usually if I am sad it lasts a day or two or until I finish the chocolate whatever I’m eating to … Continue reading

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I never thought of myself as someone who was really that into challenges, I like a good challenge, don’t get me wrong but I didn’t think I was a seeker of challenge. The day my son was born, 5 weeks … Continue reading

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The Art Of Autism Lives On!

Hello All I’m going to give this blog thing one more final try.  I’ve heard about this wordpress and thought I’d give it a go.  The truth is, the reason I fail at blogging is because, well, I never remember … Continue reading

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